Friday, 14 March 2014

Hjelp oss å redde Etiopia!

- Help us save Ethiopia!
Demonstrated: A 40th century Ethiopians demonstrating in support of their own people in their homeland in Hamar.
Demonstrated: A 40th century Ethiopians demonstrating in support of their own people in their homeland in Hamar.
They competed for the attention of school children celebrating cultural center, but around 40 asylum seekers from Ethiopia provoked a stir in Hamar center Friday morning.
Sverre Frilseth

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Asylum seekers belonging to the Oromo people in Ethiopia, the largest ethnic group in the African country, and they are regarded as indigenous on the Horn of Africa. Around 30 million oromoere lives in Ethiopia, but there are also settlements in Kenya and Somalia.
Today, the Oromo poorly regarded by the government of Ethiopia and among others, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called people a warning about the systematic oppression of the people.
Reports of detention and torture of political leaders, protesters and journalists who place themselves at the head of the Oromo, belongs more to life than rare. "Africa's Kurds" are Oromo called the Western press and media.

Beat Fast

Friday gave a 40-century oromoere sound in unison in Hamar. Through Megaphone and speaking choir were demands for justice, democracy and freedom in their homeland conveyed.
- Norway: Stand up, give your voice to the Oromo, do not support the government's oppression of our people, saying one of the messages of Ethiopians who currently resides respectively Ormseter and Ringsaker refugee reception. They had already obtained Norwegian government permission to conduct the demonstration.


It was a colorful crowd as the train away the pedestrian street, with clear, rhythmic shouting and waving posters that drew up demands and desires they have for the future. And most colorful: The flag of red and yellow and green.
Seen from the sidelines was striking contrasts. The weather was not the most welcoming, but even greater distance was between the message of the Oromo who feel oppressed, to the overriding theme of hamar sing the heads of the day:
The opening of the council's new cultural center. The queen and television and culture personalities present and major event at Stortorget and secure everywhere. For we won freedom for a long, long time ago. And retains the page ...

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